Saturday, June 27, 2015

Walkthrough - Mack Manor Yard Display 2014 - Fox River Grove, IL


Mack Manor is another new haunt for the Tourers in 2014. One thing that definitely separates Mack Manor from most yard displays is that it is almost entirely made up of blow up Halloween decorations.Visitors turn in from the main road and can drive up one side of the driveway, then turn and drive down the other one. There is so much to see that it pays to take your time, and since the driveway is set back into the a wooded area, it gives a sense of isolation as well. If the display was on the creepy side the location would certainly enhance it. As it is, though, it's more fun than frightening, and that's OK. It's a great display to take the family to, especially for younger kids or older folks who might not want to get out the car and walk. You can view the entire setup from the comfort of the car. This one is worth a look!

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