Monday, September 9, 2013

Countdown to 2013 - Shurley House of the Dead, Orland Park, IL

Only 18 days to go until the first haunting weekend of 2013! Our haunt for today is the Shurley House of the Dead, a huge yard display located in Orland Park, IL. There is so much to see here that it could require two trips to get it all in. The entire front yard is filled with animated and static props, and the windows of the house are filled as well. The top windows in the house contain projections of various ghouls, and there are even live actors on certain nights. It's easily one of the best yard displays we have ever seen, and if you think a yard display simply means a few pumpkins, tombstones, and ghosts, check out Shurley House and think again!

Full review here.

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