Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Haunt on Massasoit Yard Display - Chicago, IL

Haunt on Massasoit is almost what we'd call a drive-by haunt. In other words, there's not a lot to see, and if the night is cold and/or rainy, it's easy to view the entire thing from your car without having to get out. However, being dedicated Horror Tourers, we did get out to take a look to see what it was all about.

Our first visit to this haunt was in 2012. At that time it was a really small display that could easily be seen in about 30 seconds. There was not much there other than a handful of tombstones and a few other props. To be fair, this haunt is located in an area with not much lawn space
, so there's not a lot of room to work with, but even so, a number of other haunts in the area, such as Eerie Acres and Nagle's Khaos Corner are able to utilize the space well, so it's not and entirely valid excuse.

We are happy to say that, while still small, Haunt on Massasoit did double in size from 2012 to 2013.
  Full review here.

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