Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunny Acres Yard Display 2013 - Mokena, IL

Sunny Acres is an elaborate yard display that we stumbled upon in 2012. We were looking for another haunt and spotted some creepy looking things in the distance so we thought we'd check it out. We didn't realize we were actually at a display that we had slated for later in the season, though. The first time we went there there were live actors, but we liked it so much that we made a point of going back so we could see them.

Since we enjoyed Sunny Acres so much, it was a "must do" on our 2013 list. Alas, the time we visited there were no live actors, but there were plenty of things to see, as well as a nice lighting setup that enhanced the creepiness factor.

Check out our full review here.

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